Hyperbolic Magnetism
Based in Czech Republic

Release date:
April 2016

Windows Phone


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Chameleon Run is unique, fast and challenging autorunner with a colorful twist. Your goal is to go through several levels without touching the ground of a different color than your character has. You do this by jumping and switching between pink and yellow. The game is level-based with fixed endings for each level, with 3 different objectives to complete. First two objectives unlocks lighning bolt speed burst and the third one the hoverboard. With all free unlocked pickups the levels can be finished much faster. Advanced players can try to switch color as late as possible to gain even higher speed and compete against each other in the leaderboards.


In summer 2013 I broke my arm when driving a kickbike. Because I was starting to be a big Ludum Dare fan back then, I decided to participate even though I had only one usable hand to do the actual development. Fortunately the theme was “minimalism” which fitted one hand handicap perfectly. The Chameleon Run prototype was born. Since then I haven’t had much time to continue working on it, but I really liked that super simple game mechanics. One of the rules of Ludum Dare is that you should put your source code available for download. Unfortunately, it looks like that one guy just took it, changed few things and started selling it on the App Store and Google Play. Somehow I found him on Twitter and asked him to remove the game. In the end he did. Just a few weeks later I found another game. This time there were more changes in the graphics, but when you look at very small details you can tell it is the same source code. And the name of the game was “Chameleon Run”. Even right now you can probably find a game with a same name in the Google Play store, which was heavily inspired by my prototype. That's why I decided I should continue the development and make the "real" Chameleon Run.


  • The unique combination of jumping and switching the color forces the player to make quick decisions, constantly think about next step and adapt to the environment.
  • Innovative jumping mechanics allows player to do new stunts like "jump from nowhere" and "head jump".
  • Pixel perfect physics.
  • Stylish colorful graphics.
  • Non-linear levels with 3 special objectives in each one.
  • Neverending gameplay. Getting better time in each level is a task for decades.
  • Simple two button controls. Playes perfectly on any type of device or controller.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner Apple Design Award" 2016
  • "Indiecade Selection" 2016
  • "Best of App Store" 2016
  • "Best Gameplay - Czech Game of the Year" 2016
  • "Best Mobile Game - Czech Game of the Year" 2016

About Hyperbolic Magnetism

We are Hyperbolic Magnetism - a small indie game studio run by Ján "Split" Ilavský and Vladimír "Loki" Hrinčár based in Prague, Czech Republic. We started working together in the late '90s on PC games, but since the advent of the App Store we quickly changed focus to mobile. Our goal has been always to come up with a unique gameplay and great yet simple visual style. The studio is continually exploring various genres of games as seen on examples like Lums - physics based puzzle game about light and shadows, Oh My Heart - brutal pixel art action game, Perfect Paths - programming logic puzzler and Chameleon Run - super fast award winning auto-runner. Also, many of our games come from ideas born during various game jams in which we participates a lot.

More information
More information on Hyperbolic Magnetism, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Chameleon Run Credits

Jan Ilavsky
Programming, Game Design, Sound Design, Music, Graphics...

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks